Colonoscopy Quality Indicators


Colonoscopy is the most commonly performed gastrointestinal procedure, with more than 16 million colonoscopies performed in the United States each year. Colonoscopies are performed as a screening for cancer, surveillance and diagnostic to evaluate symptoms.

Patients are advised to seek a well-trained endoscopist who maintains an adequate case volume to maintain procedural skills (more than 300 procedures per year) and has a record of performing a complete examination of the colon.

Quality indicators or benchmarks have been developed to establish competence in performing colonoscopies and help define areas for continuous quality improvement.

As shown below, our physicians are highly skilled and have a very low complication rate.









**All quality data reflects year to date averages as of 12/31/2017 **

Colonoscopy Quality Indicators - 2017

1st Quarter Quality Care Indicators

2nd Quarter Quality Care Indicators

3rd Quarter Quality Care Indicators

 Colonoscopy Quality Indicators - 2016

1st Quarter Quality Care Indicators

2nd Quarter Quality Care Indicators​

3rd Quarter Quality Care Indicators

4th Quarter Quality Care Indicators









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