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Our Insurance Procedures and Policies

At The Center for Digestive and Liver Health, we have contracts with a myriad of insurance carriers and recognize most major insurance plans. We submit our patients’ insurance claims as a courtesy -- because we want to make it as simple as possible for people to get the medical care they need.

Preferred Payers

While we try to accommodate as many people and plans as possible, there are some insurance carriers we do not accept. We want to help you get full insurance benefits, but you are responsible for understanding your policy and its requirements and rules. If your policy has not paid within 30 days, please contact us.


If your insurance plan requires a referral, please arrange that before scheduling an appointment with our office. Contact your primary care physician and request any referrals needed to see our physicians.


If you do not have insurance we offer discounted rates to those who are self-pay.
Click here to view our self-pay rates.


If you owe a co-payment based upon our relationship with your insurance carrier, it is due at the time of service, before a physician sees you. We will not waive your co-payment, and we do not bill for it. If you do not pay it during your visit, you will incur a $25 surcharge. If you are unsure about any payment details, ask a member of our staff.

Payments for Treatment

Our mission is to provide you with high-quality health care that you can afford. If insurance does not cover the entire cost of your treatment and you need to make payments for the medical care you receive, we will work with you. We offer convenient payment options, including in-house plans, and we accept major credit cards. If you are unsure about the financial end of your treatment, just ask. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Multiple Locations

A healthy digestive system and liver are imperative for living a good life. If you are having problems and living in discomfort, turn to us for advanced, compassionate medicine. We have several locations to help people get the health services they need. We are in Savannah, GA, Hardeeville, SC, and Pooler, GA. If you live in these cities or in a nearby area, we are here to care for you.

Contact Our Experts Today!

At The Center for Digestive and Liver Health, we want you healthy for life. Contact our Savannah, GA, location (also our Pooler, GA satellite office) at 912-303-4200 and our Hardeeville, SC, facility at 843-591-1390. You can request an appointment on our website.