Motility Monitoring


SmartPill pic

What is gastrointestinal motility monitoring?

The motility monitoring test can be performed at the physician’s office to evaluate motility disorders like gastroparesis and chronic constipation without the use of radiation.

​What is the SmartPill? 

SmartPill is an ingestible capsule that offers a unique way to assess motility by measuring pressure, pH and temperature throughout the entire GI tract.  

​Why is measuring emptying time important?

GI emptying abnormalities such as gastroparesis and chronic constipation are possible explanations for unexplained GI symptoms.  When these unexplained GI symptoms of nausea, bloating, constipation, abdominal pain and vomiting occur, it is important to directly measure GI emptying time to establish an accurate diagnosis.

​Can you describe the SmartPill motility monitoring test step-by-step?

Day 1

Because SmartPill measures GI emptying time, when a patient arrives at the physician’s office they will be provided with a SmartBar meal to eat just prior to swallowing th SmartPill capsule. The patient will be given the SmartPill recorder that can be worn on a lanyard or belt clip for   optimal mobility. The recorder should be within two feet of the patient at all times.  After ingesting the SmartPill capsule at the physician’s office, the patient will be able to return to most normal activities while avoiding excessive exercise.

Day 1-5           

The recorder is worn at all times throughout the test except during bathing and sleeping.  As the SmartPill capsule passes through the GI tract, it will wirelessly transmit data to the recorder. The SmartPill capsule is typically passed within a few days. 

Day 3-5

The patient will return the recorder to the physician’s office and the test data are downloaded within a few minutes.  


Once the data has been downloaded, the physician will analyze and interpret the test data.  The provider will discuss the test results with the patient during the follow-up appointment.

What is a SmartBar?

The SmartBar is a standardized meal replacement (similar to a granola bar) which is eaten just prior to swallowing the SmartPill capsule.  Its specific nutritional make-up and caloric content are important for a valid test result.  The SmartBar is low in gluten, but not gluten-free.

Does the SmartPill capsule take pictures?

No, the capsule measures GI emptying, pH and temperature.

What is the size of the SmartPill capsule? 

The SmartPill capsule is slightly larger than a multi-vitamin.

Can SmartPill motility monitoring replace any currently used procedures?

SmartPill can replace gastric emptying scintigraphy (GES), Sitzmarks and whole gut scintigraphy.

Are any latex materials used in the SmartPill capsule?

No. Latex materials are not used in SmartPill capsule.

How is the SmartPill eliminated and does it cause any discomfort?

Patients should not feel any pain/discomfort when swallowing the SmartPill capsule or while the capsule moves through the GI tract.  It is naturally passed during a bowel movement, usually within a few days. What is a capsule endoscopy?