Meet Our Endoscopy Staff


Endoscopy Nurses

Endo Clinical Staff 2018

Each of our nurses on staff typically has at least 10 to15 years of experience in Surgery/Operating Room, Intensive Care or GI unit experience prior to joining our team, and are actively involved in the SGNA (Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates). Our nurses undergo an initial extensive competency-based training program specific to endoscopy and annual training thereafter. Patient care in the pre and post procedure areas is overseen by 2 nurses for every 3 patients. There is also 1 staff nurse that circulates between all procedure rooms.

Scope Technicians

Endo Scope Tech

Each procedure room has one scope technician assigned to assist the patient and physician during the procedure. There is one scope technician assigned to the scope room who is responsible for processing all the scopes and equipment.

All of our technicians undergo an initial extensive competency-based training program which includes modules on the set-up and use of endoscopic procedure equipment, infection control, specimen handling and patient care. Out of our five scope technicians, four are certified with the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) 3. All have prior health care experience, and most have worked as medical assistants in local hospitals.

The CBSPD certification covers life sciences, scopes and accessories for endoscopic procedures, documentation, handling and cleaning of scopes and accessories, reprocessing of scopes and accessories, ethics, and rules and regulations